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Master Ramon Voils

Ramon VoilsIn an era when role models are hard to find and heroes are nearly a thing of the past, the village of Wellington can consider itself very fortunate to call Ramon Voils, one of their own. With grace, style, wit and integrity, Ramon has instructed thousands of students in the art of self-defense at the Wellington Recreation Center. Ramon has also offered self-defense classes for women and has worked with the sheriffs department during child safety week.

The following quotes from those who have worked and studied with Ramon, demonstrate the lasting positive effect that forms the wake of his legacy.

"The success of any system of self defense such as Combat Hapkido, depends on the dedication and quality of its instructors. The Villages of Wellington and Royal Palm Beach have been fortunate to have in their communities for over 15 years such an instructor in Mr. Ramon Voils.

Mr. V, as most of his students address him, is perhaps the best instructor I’ve had the privilege of studying with and is only one of a small handful of teachers I’ve had in life who I truly respect. The best way to describe the dedication he has to both the martial arts and his students is to give you a glimpse of his average day. After a full day of work, he dedicates almost every week night and Saturday mornings to teaching the principals of martial arts to people of all ages in our communities. Most people would be short on patience after dealing with the rigors of their workday but Mr. V teaches our young adults with a patience that is admirable. He is caring and considerate of his students while at the same time being firm and imparting Courtesy, Integrity, Self Discipline, Perseverance and an Indomitable Spirit." - Mitchell Adams
"Humble, quiet leader, friend, mentor, advisor, changed kids lives, gives kids confidence to compete in a difficult world, asks for nothing in return, selfless, shy, always there when you need him, calming influence and epitomizes what a true sensei means." – Village of Wellington Councilman Bob Margolis

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