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Combat Hapkido Black/White Belt (1st  Gup) Testing

To receive your black/white belt at Palm Beach Combat Hapkido, you will be required to know and demonstrate several techniques and principals of Combat Hapkido.

To test for your black/white belt in combat hapkido, you will need to have had a minimum of 40 hours of training and will be required to demonstrate 20 new techniques (176 total) including:

  • One hand should grab - 2 techniques
  • Lapel grab two hands - 4 techniques
  • Defense against hostile handshake - 2 techniques
  • Full Nelson - 3 techniques
  • Defense against hair grabs - 2 techniques
  • Defense against headlocks - 2 techniques
  • Bearhugs behind (arms out) - 3 techniques
  • Bearhugs behind (arms in) - 2 techniques

Sample technique from the Red/Black to Black/White Belt curriculum:

One hand should grab
Reach across and trap uke's hand, rotate his arm with a snapping motion (CW) and break his locked arm with a downward elbow strike.

Red/Black belt - Black belt


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