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Combat Hapkido Brown Belt (4th Gup) Testing

To receive your brown belt at Palm Beach Combat Hapkido, you will be required to know and demonstrate several techniques and principals of Combat Hapkido.

To test for your brown belt in combat hapkido, you will need to have had a minimum of 30 hours of training and will be required to demonstrate 20 new techniques (118 total) including:

  • One-hand same side wrist grabs - 4 techniques
  • Cross wrist grabs - 3 techniques
  • Two hands grab two wrists from behind - 2 techniques
  • Two hands grab two wrists in front - 4 techniques
  • Two hands grab one wrist - 3 techniques
  • One hand shoulder grab - 2 techniques
  • Defense against a punch - 2 techniques

Sample technique from the Blue to Brown Belt curriculum:

Defense against the punch
Avoid the punch with a side step to the inside, deflect with same side knife hand, simultaneously strike uke in the face with a horizontal elbow attack, use his momentum to take him down, control uke with a double joint lock.

Blue Belt - Red Belt


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