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Combat Hapkido Orange Belt (8th Gup) Testing

To receive your orange belt at Palm Beach Combat Hapkido, you will be required to know and demonstrate several techniques and principals of Combat Hapkido.

To test for your orange belt in combat hapkido, you will need to have had a minimum of 20 hours of training and will be required to demonstrate 20 new techniques (36 total) including:

  • Falling and Tumbling - 4 techniques
  • Kicking - 3 techniques with both legs
  • Strikes - 4 techniques with both hands
  • Breakaways - 4 techniques
  • One-hand same side wrist grabs - 3 techniques
  • Cross wrist grabs - 2 techniques

Sample technique from the Yellow to Orange Belt curriculum:

Cross wrist grab (with distraction kick)
Out-to-in movement, counter grab wrist, and grab the back of uke's arm, step forwards and take down on stomach, wrist lock.

Yellow Belt - Green Belt


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