Combat Hapkido Classes

Palm Beach Combat Hapkido classes take place every Monday and Thursday evenings and on Saturday morning. If you are interested in taking class, please contact us or stop by class and meet our instructors.

We have a diverse group of dedicated students of all ages and gender. Students get an opportunity to train with a diverse range of instructors and advanced students to learn techniques against different body types and experience levels.

Most importantly, each Palm Beach Combat Hapkido student trains at their own pace and experience level without pressure!

Class Schedule

Monday: 8pm to 9pm
Thursday: 7pm to 8pm
Saturday: 10am to 11am

Class Location

Palm Beach Combat Hapkido
The Wellington Recreational Center
Village Park, 11700 Pierson Road
Wellington, Florida 33414

About Combat Hapkido

Combat Hapkido is a modern, dynamic self-defense system that offers all the benefits of a classical martial art but without obsolete techniques.

Common Questions

Do I have to wear a uniform to take class?
No. A special uniform is not required however a proper gi will help with some techniques.  A pair of loose fitting pants and a t-shirt is fine. If you are interested in getting a uniform, speak with one of our instructors and they can assist you in getting the correct gear.

Do I have to be in good shape to take Hapkido?
No.  Each Palm Beach Combat Hapkido student moves at his or her own pace. One of the benefits of taking Hapkido classes is the chance to get excercise while learning self defense.

Can I pay per class or is there a contract required?
The shortest period of classes you can pay for is for one month.  There is no contract. Billing is done through the Village of Wellington Parks and Recreation department.

How much does it cost to take Hapkido class?
Because the class is offered through the Village of Wellington, the cost to take class is different for residents and non residents of the village.

Where can I get a Combat Hapkido t-shirt?
T-shirts are available for ordering online through the ICHF website.